Tune the World’s Top Twelve of 2017!

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Another year gone filled up with music. According to our unreliable algorithm, these were the most popular posts of 2017. Enjoy the menu!

The third place goes to the following seven posts. This time the Japanese stole the show along with songs from UK, Mexico and Kashmir:

The second place goes to the following four posts mostly involving pop and ballads from China, Spain, Finland, and India:

And finally, the most popular post this year in Tune the World was this song from Uzbekistan:

In short, #asiantuesday was the most loved section, despite that music copyright has been much stricter! The category was followed by a tie between #eurowednesday and #silkroadsaturday. No #americanmonday, #otakuthursday or #vocaloidsunday this year. #americanmonday was way more popular last year, as can be seen in this post. Anyway, let’s see what happens next year.

Keep grooving!


Happy second year to Tune the World!

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Tune the World has been the one stop for all your musical craves since July 20th, 2015. Here we have an imperfect list of some of the most popular songs from our main categories. Enjoy the menu!

Music Trip Through Time (700 Posts in Tune the World)

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Seven is a magical number, so it deserves a shower of post links as celebration. This time, we are compiling a trip throughout the music of the ages with some of the most recent posts in Tune the World. Enjoy!