Happy second year to Tune the World!

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Tune the World has been the one stop for all your musical craves since July 20th, 2015. Here we have an imperfect list of some of the most popular songs from our main categories. Enjoy the menu!


Music Trip Through Time (700 Posts in Tune the World)

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Seven is a magical number, so it deserves a shower of post links as celebration. This time, we are compiling a trip throughout the music of the ages with some of the most recent posts in Tune the World. Enjoy!

Happy New Year 2017 from Tune the World!


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It has been a year full of music on this blog, so we decided to make a list with the most popular posts… although we do not trust the metrics too much. Some things look fishy. But anyway, forget the worst of 2016 and enjoy the best of it: music!

The fifth place goes to five posts. Really! From jazz through naat to folk songs, here they are:

The fourth place goes to the movie theme of Robin Hood and an insert song from the Indian movie Gulaab Gang:

The third place goes to three posts, two from India and one from Mexico:

The second place goes to two posts from UK and India:

And finally, the first and unbeatable post was…

A post that we were hesitating to write because the song is, well… geeky and weird. But it was the most visited and shared of them all :/ Anyway, it looks like #silkroadsaturday is the most loved section of the blog, followed by #americanmonday. So, no love for #asiantuesday, #otakuthursday and #vocaloidsunday? TT Last year we had a couple of them (you can watch that post here).

Let’s see what happens in 2017. Keep grooving!