Happy Third Year to Tune the World!

Image by Pexels.

Today, Tune the World leaves babyhood to become a toddler. Three years of wonderful music could not be summarized in only one song per section, so we decided to enlist the three top songs from each section across the years.

From #vocaloidsunday:

From #eurowednesday:

From #asiantuesday:

From #americanmonday:

From #latinfriday:

From #otakuthursday:

From #silkroadsaturday:

So yes, finally the Vocaloid section is getting lots of attention! (or maybe just bots?). A trio of legendary classical music composers dominates #asiantuesday, and we have all oldies but goodies in #otakuthursday. Strangely, #silkroadsaturday passed from being one of the most loved sections to being the least loved. Anyway… may the good music continue!