FictionJunction – Hoshikuzu in #asiantuesday

We are very fond of Yuki Kajiura in this blog. Among her side projects as composer, we have her band FictionJunction, which employs different female vocalists according to the song requirements. “Hoshikuzu” (“Stardust”) is a piece with a curious story. Originally titled “Velvet no inori” (“Velvet’s prayer”), it was composed for “The velveteen rabbit”, an American children’s book. Kajiura reworked the song much later to include it in FictionJunction‘s first album, “Everlasting Songs”. While “Velvet no inori” is about being afraid of the first love, “Hoshikuzu” is the aftermath of a love story. Two sides of the same coin.

Lyrics like “I bought three radishes and found them cheap” aren’t relevant to my interests! It goes like “A traveler searching for eternity” instead.

Yuki Kajiura

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