Kaoruko Ootake – Hemingway’s Daiquiri ~ Roujin to Umi in #otakuthursday

Don’t you love when literature and music combine to make something new, different and wonderful? “Bartender” is a manga/anime that’s worth a try, even for people who don’t fancy alcohol. Every chapter is devoted to one cocktail especially made for a costumer who requires advice, consolation, motivation, or just a little push on the right direction. The bar is priced not as a place of vice (we don’t see the characters drinking more than one shot), but as a place to find meaning within their lives and relink with other humans. Kaoruko Ootake‘s piano accompanies each chapter matching her music to the right atmosphere. In our current song’s case, a recently fired employee finds the courage to try again thanks to Hemmingway‘s story “The old man and the sea”.


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